What’s there to travel?
More than enough if you ask me.

In my opinion i’ve seen way too little of the world and it makes me so curious.
As a child, my mom and dad took me and my sisters to Spain every year. To the same city, same hotel. Not much excitement if you ask me now, but back then I love the airbed race in the swimming pool (which I always won), the mini disco, the performing contest where everyone (alone or in a group) pretended to be their favorite artist and the best performance won. For the kids there was enough entertainment and the parents could relax and enjoy their holiday as well. 

When I’m older and have kids, I surely want to take them around the world. Show them everything I’ve already seen and want to share with them. Show them parts of the world that I haven’t even seen myself. Show them that there is so much difference in the world and to respect and cherish the things they will have. At least that is what I say now, because I feel bad my parents didn’t do that for me. However, maybe when the time has come I want to lay by the pool and relax and let other people entertain my kids as well as my parents did. Just so I can have a break of them haha.
We’ll see.

At this point in my life, i’ve been out of Europe three times. Flew to New York City for my 21st birthday with my dad, went on a trip across Cuba with one of my best friends in 2011 and last year I went to the Canary Islands for a week of relaxation on the beach an some die hard partying in between with another one of my best friends. 
As for Europe, I think I haven’t even seen half of it, but i’m doing my best to make up for that.

I grew up and live in The Netherlands. I’ve visited our neighbor countries many times. Belgium, Germany, France. Went to Spain several times, a couple of skiing trips to Austria, holiday on the island of Ibiza, visited Monaco and went to Greece twice. Some city trips to Italy (Milan), The UK (London), Hungary (Budapest) and Sweden (Stockholm). 

Ever since visiting Sweden, I became more interested in Scandinavia. It’s just such an interesting part of Europe. Lots of islands, lots of water, very cold and snowy in the upper north (Lapland) and green in the south. Also the languages are interesting. Danish and Swedish may sound a little like Dutch, but Finnish and Norwegian is just totally different. 

Still, lots to discover in Europe. Lots to discover in the rest of the world.

The best is yet to come.

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