Disney love

We all know them: The little mermaid, Cinderella, The sleeping beauty, Snow White, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh and so on.


Didn’t we all grow up with Disney movies? In my opinion it should be part of your upbringing.

Personally I love Disney movies and of course the Disney theme parks.
Ever since I was a cute, tiny, bright blond curled, little girl, I love the movies. I used to watch them with my mother and grandmother who also loved the movies.

Nowadays The Little Mermaid is definitely my favorite animated Disney movie. I just love the idea of mermaids living under the sea, the story is great and the songs are amazing. I know them all by heart.



However, one of my all time favorite movies and character from a movie are also Disney. I’m talking about Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow! Just can’t get enough of that pirate.
When I was in Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Orlando April of this year, I had the honor of meeting Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Amazing.



Walking around in a totally different world. No matter how old you are, when in Disney you are a little kid all over again. Want to go in all the rides. Eat candy all day. Sing along with the music and songs you hear. Songs that will get stuck in your head for weeks (It’s a small world). And meeting your favorite Disney characters.


Can’t I just quit my job and move to Disney?

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