Road tripper

For a while now I wanted to write about the amazing trip I made this year. It’s a fact that I’m obsessed with traveling and seeing the world. Another fact is that ever since I can remember I wanted to go to the USA. It’s always been some sort of dreamland for me. Not in the well known kind of way, the ‘everything is possible’ kind of way, the ‘make your dreams come true’ kind of way. 
For me, the USA is a place I know from the movies and series I love, it’s where Disney comes from. It’s a country the size of a continent, even bigger than Europe where i’ve already traveled and seen a lot. It’s a country with such a diversity on nature, culture and people. Also a country with a wide variety on culinary habits, recipes and local specialties. 

It’s just always been one of my biggest dreams to visit the states. The places i’ve dreamed of the most were New York City, California and Florida. You may say those are some sort of clichés, but those are the places you often see passing by in magazines, holiday pictures of other people and on tv. 
When my 21st birthday came up a couple of years ago, my dream already came true for a small part. As a birthday present I got to visit New York City with my father. It was an amazing 6 day trip. Way too short obviously, but unforgettable! 



The dream wasn’t nearly fulfilled since i’d just seen that one city. But then I met one of my best friends the year after that. She was also really obsessed with traveling and it seemed we were a perfect match. That year we visited Paris. The year after that we traveled to Cuba and Milan. And this year we traveled to the USA! Finally the time came where I would visit this amazing country. And not just some holiday, no. We would road trip for a whole month. Driving from San Francisco to Miami. How awesome! 

I won’t spill all the details yet. I will use this blog to write about the things we’ve seen along the road. The experiences we’ve had, the food we tried. And of course the awesome things we did.

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