World Cup Frenzy

The world cup.. Just like any other league you’d say? Well, in Holland that’s a NO.

I think it might be the most important league for us dutchies. Maybe because we do so well almost every time, but never actually won. Or it could be because we really support our national team, the whole country turns orange and we just love the feeling of nationalism that comes with it. I don’t know..

Me, I’m not so much of a soccer fan. Except for the world cup and the euro cup. When that time comes around again, I turn into one of the most enthusiastic supporters Holland can have. 
Watching almost every match, learning more and more about the game, getting to know the greater players of the world, recognizing certain aspects of the game and even knowing what i’m talking about when we’re evaluation afterwords. 

On top of that I just love that the whole country becomes one. Everybody roots for the same team, is wearing the same color and no fights after losing a match. The rivalry between supporters of teams competing in other national and international leagues is beyond crazy sometimes. It can actually get out of hand so badly, that supporters are banned from certain matches and stadiums to make sure there won’t be any fights or violence. 

So here i’m sitting in front of the tv, wearing my orange shirt, waiting for the match to start. 
Just wondering a little if these crazy things happen in other countries too..

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