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Road Tripper Part 3

The launch of our Road Trip took place in California. Such an awesome state I must say! One of the main things that sparks my interest in the US is de diversity on nature, people and culture. California already fulfilled a great part of this.

Starting of with a San Francisco city trip our introduction to California couldn’t be better! What an awesome city! I think so far, San Francisco definitely is in my top 3 cities of the US.
Anyway, the atmosphere, the people, the architecture, the parks, the cultural sites, the harbor. It’s all very impressive to me. Exploring the city for 5 days, I’ve seen almost everything it has to offer. My highlights were The Pier, The Golden Gate Bridge, walking around the Presidio area, visiting Alcatraz, Lombard street, Alamo square and the Painted Ladies.


The Road Trip started when we headed south towards Los Angeles following Highway 1, the All-American highway. This scenic route was on our bucket list. reportedly one of the most beautiful routes around the world and crossing Bixby Bridge. 



Our goal for the day was to find a motel. We found one in Ventura, California. Somewhat crappy, our first motel, but it was late and we had an exciting day planned for the next day. So we really needed sleep. When we cleared our room the next morning, we found that the previous visitor left his dirty white undies under the bed. Luckily we found it in the morning, otherwise we might not have slept quite as good as we did now haha.

One other thing that I just love is to visit amusement parks. And that is just wat we were gonna do next. Six Flags Magic Mountain let’s go! 14 roller coasters! I cannot handle all the excitement. 

IMG_2336 IMG_2337 DSCN4168 IMG_2323 DSCN4169


Los Angeles, The City of Angels. Personally this city didn’t feel like magic to me. Maybe it couldn’t live up to the expectations created through movies and television, and of course the fact that all those celebrities live there. But it just wasn’t for me. We visited Venice, Hollywood, The walk of fame, drove through Beverly Hills for a little, Rodeo Drive and the Griffith Observatory to take a peek at the Hollywood sign. 

IMG_2351 DSCN4199 DSCN4211 DSCN4234 DSCN4243


Los Angeles was the end of our California adventure. We definitely need to go back and see what more this beautiful state has to offer. Next up is Las Vegas, Nevada!