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Road Tripper Part 2

I think when someone or something special comes into your life unexpectedly, you definitely should grab it and hold on tightly. Take advantage of the situation and use it to create an adventure!

On of mine is when my best friend left for the US to go and work there for a whole year. I know this doesn’t sound as something positive, it was the opposite actually. Having to miss my best friend for a year, our talks, gossips, trips, movie nights, clubbing, drinking and most of all having fun and laughter. However, her contract stated that she had a 12 month working visa and a 1 month traveling visa.

When she told me, our brains instantly started planning a trip. She didn’t even have to ask me or tell me, it was obvious that that would be OUR 1 month trip. This is how we work, most of the time words aren’t even necessary to communicate.

Oke, so, the trip planning for the larger part took place via Skype. Another unusual thing I would say. Having such a large distance between us and discussing important decisions about our trip, but I think it made me even more excited about it.

What we decided was to book plane tickets, rent a car and meet up in San Francisco. That’s all. We knew the dates of the start and end of our trip. Knew the day we would start driving and when we had to hand in the car. The rest was totally blank.

The adventure could begin!

Love Stuff


I think it’s the most fun but at the same time the most awful game to play in life.

It always starts out as a fun, daring game of trying to let the other person know you like them, but at the same time not coming on as too desperate or to willing ’cause that would scare them away. Almost like playing ‘hide and seek’. 

Then comes the turning point. You both know you like each other, but neither is ready to admit feelings. Now it can get even more fun, when you admit you have special feelings for one another. Or this is where the awful part gets in. Now you know the other person might not have those special feelings for you and it’s in your own best interest to quit this game.

However, I tell you, it’s an addiction! It’s really not that easy to let go of this game. 
Trying to let go of this image in your head that it could’ve been ‘something special’ is the hardest part. Because that’s what you did in the beginning part of the game. And in the end that’s what we’re all searching for, isn’t it?

Is there some universal love we all want, we’re all looking for in life? Or is it the idea that that’s what you’re supposed to do or want? Are we still so much influenced by other peoples thoughts, ideas and opinions about love? About what it is you need to do in life and love? Are there still taboos? 
I think there are.

You don’t tell people about your one night stands, about your ‘friend-with-benefits’ or the next one that didn’t work out after two dates, but who you did have sex with. 
They want to hear you’ve found ‘the perfect guy’, who you are moving in with in a great apartment, get married to, move to a pretty house with beautiful yard for the future kids to play in, get a dog, get pregnant next, two kids (a boy and a girl of course), who are excellent students at school, go to college, graduate with straight A’s and at that time find this love story for their own. 

Is this what we all want, or is this what we think we want? 

I’m no expert on love, that’s for sure. I may even have some commitment issues. 
However, I think the best advice someone can give you on love is:

Just do what you think is good for you, what makes you happy at this time. Don’t think too much about the future, you only live once, might as well have a little fun, right?

New years resolutions

Hello there,

It’s been a while. 

New year, new chances. Right?
So January is almost over already, but still, new years resolutions count for the whole year. At least, they’re supposed to.

No ordinary resolutions for me. In fact, I kinda hate them actually. Nobody ever really make them work and when people have resolutions, most are so typical. Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more and so on..

Not for me. Of course I should eat more healthy, work out more, lose some weight. But who doesn’t. In my opinion that’s not something you should do because it’s a new year and you want to improve yourself. If you really want those things, it doesn’t matter when you start, you don’t need a date or a timeframe to accomplish them. Just do it!

My resolutions are all about fun! For example: go out more, more socializing with my friends, go to concerts more often (I rarely do this, but I’m always so excited when I went), get my movie-unlimited card again and go see a new movie every week, but the most important one is travel more. I just love to travel and discover the world. Foreign people, different cultures and lifestyles, architecture, unfamiliar food. It intrigues me.

I think I made my point. After all, you really do only live once. Better make the best of it right?